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    Events Leading up to The Red Scare

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    Describe the Red scare that occurred in the United States shortly after the end of World War I in APA format.

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    The Red Scare was a sequence of events and happenings in America revolving around governmental policies between beginning in 1917. The Red Scare came about at the end of WWI and was a result of fear and an anti-communist movement

    In the United States, the following violent events occurred under the leadership of President Woodrow Wilson:
    1. In January of 1919, docks in Seattle were hit by strikes and the marines were sent to fight because of fear and response from the Mayor of Seattle.

    2. Dozens of cities throughout the United States were experiencing race riots that results in hundreds of deaths and injuries.

    3. In Boston, there was a police strike that results in non-stop vandalism and theft in the city with no one to ...

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    The events that occurred in the United States and abroad that led up to and contributed to the Red Scare are discussed in 467 words.