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    Emergence of United States as a superpower

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    The world prior to 1945 consisted chiefly of states with market economies, colonial empires, and international relations centered on European states like Britain and Germany. How did World War II damage and disrupt the older order of things in terms of international relations, the global economy, and the colonial system?

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    As the statement states, the old world market economies centered on Britain and Germany. World War II brought about major changes in the market economy. The major change to in all areas pertaining to this question is that the United States became the forerunner in the global economy. At first the United States remained as neutral as possible from the war. What they did eventually was to institute a cash and carry system, selling arms for profit. As the war progressed and British ships were falling prey to the German U-boats, the U.S began their lend-lease program (weapons on credit so to speak). This not only got much needed weapons and ships to Britain, but fueled the economy in the United States. In fact, World War II brought a major surge in industrial activity within the ...