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Can counselors legally report child abuse?

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What are two ethical/legal issues regarding counselor competence and child abuse reporting for counselors/psychologists while counseling minor children, and how would you resolve the issues..

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Counselors cannot share any information that clients discuss unless the client is a threat to themselves or others. However, counselors of minor children who have been abused have a legal obligation to report the abuse, depending on the severity of the abuse. Many times the counselor can be charged with a crime when they do not report the abuse.

Two legal issues that counselors face are a client's right to privacy and the protection of the minor. The first issue; a client's right to privacy within the counseling setting apply to adult's in counseling, however children that are being abused by an adult or another sibling do not have the ability, most of the time, to defend themselves. All 50 states have laws about reporting abuse of a minor, yet these laws can vary from state to state and can be unclear as to what a counselor can legally report. According to ...

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This solution is comprised of over 500 words with references on counselors and psychologists legally reporting child abuse. Includes examples of different forms of abuse and the isues involved when counselors report the abuse.

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