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    Leadership traits of the writers of the US Constitution

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    Examine the traits and charecteristists of the Constitution writer's, how they differerred, and how they were alike. How they eventually came together as leaders to create this document.

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    Leadership Traits of Constitution Writers

    The paper describes the leadership traits and characteristics of the constitutions writers. The paper analyzes the three or four key person involved directly in writing of US constitution. John Dickinson, Morris, Jefferson, Adams, Paine, Randolph, Wilson, Sherman and George Wythe are the key person involved in writing US constitution. The paper also describes the similarity and differences between the leadership traits and characteristic among these writers. It also describes how they eventually came together to write the constitution of US.

    The purpose of the paper is to describe the leadership traits of constitution writers. There were several people involved directly and indirectly in writing the constitution draft for the US. Some people such as John Dickinson, Paine, Randolph, Wilson, Sherman and George Wythe were involved directly in writing the constitution paper while it was heavily influenced with the ideas of Jefferson, Adams and Paine. These are the most notable person in drafting the US constitution as their work influenced it very much. Most of the states sent their delegates for drafting the US constitution (Tooker, 1988).

    Leadership can be explained as the influence of a person on the society through which the person accomplishes certain tasks from the support and aid of others. Leaders and managers can be classified differently on the basis of their characteristics. There are various theories and styles through which, a leader influences the behavior of his followers (Carmeli & Sheaffer, 2009). There is various type of leadership style, which can be seen among the Constitution writers. These people have different types of leadership styles, which made them, enable to write the US constitution. The most common leadership traits, which are found in a leader, are the intelligence, forward looking ability, competency, and inspiration ability. These leadership traits help to influence the behavior of the people in terms of accomplishing the work effectively. This paper analyzes the leadership characteristics of the people, who were involved directly and indirectly in writing the US constitution.

    There are several leadership theories, which were used by republican leaders in order to draft the constitution. Following are
    the important leadership theories, which are generally used by the leaders in order to influence the behavior of other people -
    ? Trait leadership theory
    ? Behavioral leadership theory
    ? Great man theory
    ? Transformational or transactional theory of leadership
    ? Contingency theory etc.

    These are the theories, which are used to determine the behavior, characteristic and traits of the leaders. The trait theory of leadership is an important concept of leadership in order to identify the characteristics of a leader as it is linked with the leadership qualities of an individual. This theory describes that a leader should have relevant knowledge about the products, markets and people. In drafting the US constitution the writers had entire knowledge about the people, government and their requirement.

    The leader should also have the analytical ability, multidimensional personality, sound judgment capability and capacity of thinking strategically. As these traits helps to develop effective decision for the business as well as for the country. Most of the constitution writers have these traits as they were enabled to analyze the impact of constitution on the future events in society. There were also a sound relationship between the government, public and the constitution writers.

    The nature and characteristics of a leader plays an important role in the influence of the behavior of the other person. But the liberal democratic political policy of US caused a less attention on the role of leaders in US constitution. Most of the person has formal position, power and authority but they are not true leaders. The appropriate action and display of the characteristics of the leader helps to generate a positive response among a group and society (Weaver, 1997). There are several leadership traits, which are essential for the existence of leadership in a society.

    The understanding of leadership is beneficial to understand the role of democratic theory. It is also helpful to explore the process through which different leadership styles are used by political agents and political theorists. It is also necessary to understand the concept of political theorists as it influences the future events. The author of constitution of US James Madison, Alexander and John Jay also performed the role of political agent as well as the political theorists. They were mainly concerned to justify, defend and explain the several political principles that should be used or set in the machinery of the government.

    The conceptual leadership traits or bases among the Federalists can be identified through three different routes, which are as follows -
    ? Focus on the beliefs in the essentiality of the government leadership and authority.
    ? Increase the concern with the orientation of constitutionalist. It would help to focus on the source of problems and the control and limitation mechanism of the public authority.
    ? Dealing with the good or bad of leadership.

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    The leadership traits of the writers of the United Sates constitution is examined.