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Organization as systems, Lifecycle of Leadership Development

Select a (leader who you consider to be an outstanding example of situational leadership. (Leader can be from the US or international.) Conduct independent research on this individual and create a profile of this leader that addresses the following:

-Why does this leader exemplify situational leadership? Support your answer with specific examples.
-What added value did situational leadership bring to the organization/group this person was leading?
-Do you think situational leaders are born with natural skills or can individuals develop the skills needed to be an effective situational leader? Justify your response.

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Situational Leadership Style: Situational leadership style suggests that leadership is a matter of situational demands. It means leadership depends on the situation and the same leaders could use different leadership styles in a particular situation. US former president George H.W. Bush utilized the situational leadership style. George Bush's responded and made decisions immediately following the suicide bombing attacks at World Trade Center, Pentagon and in Washington D.C on September 11, 2001. He used situational leadership to address this challenge (Levantrosser & Perotti, 2004). After attracts took place, he was transformed into a strong leader. He analyzed the situation and taken decision according to situation to the facing the terrorism. After the attack of 9/11, Bush asserted himself and prepared for action. He defined the threat, the challenge and the initial steps for dealing with the terrorist attack. Immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attracts, George Bush approved rating skyrocketed from 50% to almost ...

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