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Explain the technology management view of an application

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Explain the technology management view of an application and the application lifecycle. What inputs must the information technology manager provide in the design stage? What technical and managerial resources are essential to the ongoing health of an operating and successful application? about 250 words

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The expert explains the technology management views of an application and the application lifecycle. The response addresses the query posted in 385 words with APA references.

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The response addresses the query posted in 385 words with APA references

// as per the views of team management, the application and application lifestyle has been defined followed by major inputs required in the development phase of the application. Moreover, both the technical and managerial requirements for successful follow-up on an ongoing application have been mentioned.//

As per the technology management, application and the application lifestyle are the two significant processes involved in a business. It is inclusive of all the time within which an organization has been spending money on the asset, right from the ...

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