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Bead Bar Consultant

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Imagine that you acting as an IT consultant for them. What software solutions would you recommend to your executives based on their needs? Explain your answer.

Meredith (President and Owner) "My main
concern is understanding how software will help the
company so that I can make an informed investment decision.
In addition, I want to be sure my company does not
commit software piracy."

Mitch (VP of Bead Bar on Board) "I need software
I can use on my handheld computer. I think that
contact management software would help me keep track
of my sales prospects."

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I. Decision Support Systems
Decision support systems are a class of computer-based information systems including knowledge based systems that support decision making activities, including investment decision making activities.

A decision support system analyzes business data and presents it so that users can make business decisions more easily. It is an "informational application" (to distinguish it from an "operational application" that collects the data in the course of normal business operation).Typical information that a decision support application might gather and present would be:

* Comparative sales figures between one week and the next
* Projected revenue figures based on new product sales assumptions
* The consequences of different decision alternatives, given past experience in a context that is described

A decision support system may present information graphically and may include an expert system or artificial intelligence.

Decision Support Systems ...