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HR Consultant given a job to research HRIS Vendors

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Please assist with some notes and ideas so that I can write this assignment:

You are an HR Consultant given a job to research HRIS Vendors to help a business resolve an HR issue. The business is currently faced with a few HR issues, for example, high turnover. Part of the problem may also relate to performance evaluations. The business has found that many employees have not been evaluated for years; this may be contributing to turnover. Also, because of the growing business, managing the benefits for employees has become cumbersome and takes most of HR's time in assisting employees with choices and troubleshooting.

Assignment Criteria
You have been asked to find a technology solution to one of these problems:
1) turnover
2) performance evaluations
3) benefits management

For example, what technology would help this company identify the core issue behind turnover? How might technology help decrease turnover and increase retention? What technology would help this business create a process and insure employee performance is evaluated? What can technology do to reduce HR labor related to benefits management?

Use the link to HRIS Vendors found in Webliography and research different HRIS vendors that might resolve your chosen problem. Your paper should fully evaluate one vendor and its relevant products/services. I'm not looking for a copy/paste of the vendor's website information, but your review and analysis. Be sure to review product capabilities, product and service pros/cons, cost considerations, support and training issues, etc. Share why you chose this vendor. You will need to fully explain and justify your recommendation.

Introduction Introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points.
Problem or Issue Focus Review the problem chosen above that will benefit from a technology-based solution. What is the current state? Why do you believe a technology-based solution would be appropriate? Create your scenario using one of these problems.
Suggested Application Review the type of HR technology you are recommending the organization use. Be sure to fully explain your reasons for selecting this type of system. For example, if I were looking to impact recruiting efforts, a type of technology could be "applicant tracking." Be sure to properly cite your sources! In this section, you should include outside research information from scholarly reviewed articles, journals, etc. on the type of technology you are looking previewing. Wikipedia is not a valid source of information and should not be used for any assignment.
Vendor Selected and Evaluation Describe, review, and assess the chosen vendor. Review the reasons why you chose this vendor, the relevant products and services each vendor offers, and your evaluation of the vendor's applications.

Strategic Result In this section, share how this technology recommendation will create a strategic approach to solving the problem chosen. This section is the bulk of the points so be sure to approach this assignment from a strategic standpoint. In other words, now that you've found a technology solution, what will make that a strategic advantage to the business?
Conclusion Conclusion is logical, flows from the body of the paper and reviews the major points.

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Solution Summary

The expert finds technology solutions for turnovers, performance evaluations and benefits management.

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This work is to be treated as a guideline to assist you with this assignment. At no time is it intended to be a final submission work and I discourage you from using it as such. Be sure to cite BrainMass and this Solution if you use it as a guide.

I. Introduction

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) are commonly deployed by organizations to either achieve some level of efficiency or to increase the level already realized by the company. HRIS give an organization the ability to improve their effectiveness, enhance quality and gain competitive and strategic advantages within their respective markets by managing their HR processes in a streamlined, non-repetitive manner. More than just simple data storage, HRIS is a full function data management system designed to manage the entire employee lifecycle in one integrated business application. This allows the organization's HR department to make intelligent decisions about certain aspects of strategic planning in regards to hiring, retention, performance management, asset management, employee benefits, organizational management, training administration and other core HR functions.

II. Issue Focus

In this particular organization there are numerous employees that have not had regular performance evaluations for years. This has been perceived as a possible contributory factor in the decreased retention and elevated turnover realized by the company. Routine annual performance appraisals serve several purposes and provide a multitude of benefits to the individual, supervisor and the company such as:

? Gaining a better understanding of their role
? Understanding more clearly how and where they fit in within the wider picture
? A better understanding of how performance is assessed and monitored
? Getting an insight into how their performance is perceived
? Improving understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and developmental needs
? Identifying ways in which they can improve performance
? Providing an opportunity to discuss and clarify developmental and training needs
? Understanding ...

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