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    Can you help me to identify and research two to three companies that have dealt with issues similar to Human Resource Information Systems. For each company I would need to discuss the following in a one-page synopsis:
    (1) situation facing the company (including the key issues that emerged)
    (2) how the company responded to the issue
    (3) outcomes of the company's response to the situation.

    Please appropriately site all of the references used.

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    Human Resource Information System

    Definition of a HRIS:
    According to Joan Woodbrey (2007), a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a software or online solution for the data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the Human Resources, payroll, management, and accounting functions within a business. HRIS systems provide the management of employee information which includes attendance, paid time off, pay raises and history, performance plans, training, disciplinary actions, personal information, and applicant tracking (including interviewing and selection).

    An effective HRIS allows the employee to manage their own employee data bases including benefit updates, address changes, etc. This allows the HR management staff time to create strategic plans such as knowledge and career growth and development. With access to this information, managers readily have access to information they need in order to support the success of their employees (Woodbrey, 2007).

    The purpose of this report is to analyze two organizations that have dealt with issues similar to Human Resource Information Systems and include the situation the organization faced, how the company responded to the issue, and finally, the outcomes of the company's response to the situation.

    WORK Source, Inc.

    WORK Source, Inc. recently hired 100 new employees and had the challenge of managing these employees in addition to their mid-sized work force. To meet this challenge, the organization procured an HRIS from the GHG Corporation. This system handled electronic pay stubs, electronic time sheets and paid time off, (“Tips,” 2006). These tools enabled the CEO of WORK Source, Judith ...

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    In just under 1000 words, this solution discusses the concept of HRIS in relation to two companies: WORK Source Inc. and Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc.