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    Human Resource Information System Issues

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    Can you help me to identify and research two to three companies (not WORK source or Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc) that have dealt with issues similar to Human Resource Information System. For each company I would need to discuss the following in a one-page synopsis: (1) situation facing the company (including the key issues that emerged), (2) how the company responded to the issue; and, (3) outcomes of the company's response to the situation.

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    (1) situation facing the company (including the key issues that emerged),
    The situation facing the company is that the employee turnover was high leading to high costs of recruiting and training. The problem is very acute because high turnover leads to less productivity. There is a high cost involved with exit interviewing, administrative costs, advertising, interviewing, testing new employees, traveling, medical examination of new employees, training costs and time spent by existing employees in orienting the new employees. On the other hand That apart Wal-Mart got a reputation of a low paying employer with unattractive employee benefits, a kind of employer that was suitable for temporary employment. Moreover, even though the company polices did not allow these practices, there were accusations that Wal-Mart was discriminating against women and minorities.

    (2) how the company responded to the issue; and,
    The company had to establish that not only it did not discriminate against women and minorities but also it did not ...

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    The solution examines two or three companies that have dealt with issues in Human Resource Information Systems. The expert examines the situations facing the company, the companies response and the outcomes of the response to the situation.