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Human Resource Information System - Responding to Problems

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Identify and research two companies that have faced specific issues connected with the course concepts. For each company selected, discuss the following in 350 word synopsis: A) issue identified in the scenario that is facing the company, B) how the company responded to the issue, and C) outcomes of the company's response to the situation. Thus, each team member should have two, 350-word synopses, one for each company, which provides the information identified.
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Human Resource Information System

Human Resource Information system (HRIS) is a database system that keeps the track of all types of information about the company and its human resources. It is a computer based application for assembling and processing data related to the human resource management (HRM) function (What is HRIS? 2008). HRIS contains some tools that allow its users to input new data and edit existing data. This database provides users with the opportunity to select from a collection of predefined reports that may either be printed or displayed on a monitor.
The functional areas that are covered by Human Resource Information System are applicant tracking, employee personnel file management, benefits administration including enrollment, manager and employee self service modules, payroll integration and financial software integration (What is HRIS? 2008).
HRIS's roles can be classified into some other major areas. They are: human resources management and taxes & labor distribution. In addition, HRIS has special roles for users that would like to report on information within the HRIS database (HRIS Job Roles & Training, 2005). Two companies, which have implemented the concept of human resource information system, are as follow:
Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan Manufacturing is based in San Jose California, which is listed in the Fortune 1000 companies. San Jose is the home of Riordan's Cooperate Headquarters as well as research and development team. They are experts in manufacturing plastic bottles, producing custom plastic parts, plastic medical tools, heart valves and fans and are an industry leader in plastic molding. In the year 2000, Riordan went international by moving ...

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