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Human Resources Planning - Advantages and Disadvantages

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What is your perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of HRP and staffing planning in an organization you are familiar with? Why?

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Human Resource Planning (HRP) is an organization's strategy in planning systematically and organizing how to get maximum use of its employees - its human resources. HRP is concerned of the employees' training and development to address to the present and future needs of the organization.

Advantages of Human Resource Planning (HRP)

- Human resources is the organization's valuable asset that makes it essential that they train them to learn more skills so that they can help the company achieve its goals. A company may undergo expansion, diversification and technological changes but without the skilled manpower, their plans will fail.
- The staff is trained and developed in such a way that they are ready for whatever issues that come up suddenly. This means that HRP supports the proactive approach to solving problems.
- Planning the number of staff and assignment of ...

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