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HRIS Functionality in the Next Generation

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Predict what the next generation of HRIS functionality will be and how likely it will generate comparable reductions in cost as compared to the functionality that was developed due to Y2K. Formulate the factors that you would use in a cost-benefit ratio to support the decision to purchase the next generation HRIS. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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HRIS functionality in the next generation are examined.

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Functions of next generation HRIS
Human Resource Information System (HRIS) helps the company in maintaining, recording, retrieving data about the employees. It also provides the solutions for data entry, data tracking, and data information needs for HR, pay roll, management and accounting functions for the company. The next generation Human resource Information System will be more strategic and interactive in order to maximize the productivity and efficiency of employees within the company. The next generation of HRIS will work as an active tool that help employees to engage with company in more easy way as compare to previous. It is also predicted that new generation HRIS will provide effective activities to the company that will drive company to greater productivity and business execution (Grobler & Warnich, 2005).

Furthermore, it is also expected that new generation HRIS does not only work for core HR functions but also able to provide self assessment facilities to the employees as well as company. The next generation of HRIS will be able to provide platform to the employees to update critical information and ...

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