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characteristics of an effective leader

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Traits associated with an effective leader are presented from a personal standpoint.

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First, as you brainstorm the essential characteristics of an effective leader, he or she must exhibit strong communication skills, excellent collaboration or team work, ethical or moral values, integrity, and a strong work ethic. Since I have embedded five traits as an example for you, you can then structure your essay or 5 paragraphs by writing a paragraph about each characteristic. I also think that you should Google some leadership quotes to make an interesting hook to your ...

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Various characteristics of an effective leader are listed from a personal point of view.

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Effective Leadership

Many individuals experience anxiety when they begin their participation in a group. An effective leader knows what types of behavior and attitudes group members typically display in initial meetings and plans accordingly. One of the group leader's most important tasks is establishing an atmosphere of trust. Other tasks include clarifying the goals and establishing the norms of the group.
For this Discussion, view the media Group Work: Leading in the Here and Now: Part I: The Initial Stage located in the Learning Resources. Note the characteristics of the group at this initial stage and the strategies the leader uses to facilitate the group.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Day 3 a description of the leadership style you observed. Explain how the leader creates safety establishes the norms of the group including confidentiality, and engages members. Explain one way that group members responded to the initial stage of the group. Finally, explain one strategy you might have implemented if you were the group leader.

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