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Application, Practice and Theory: Leadership

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1-Assess yourself as a leader based on what you have learned in this course (Management-Application, Practice, and Theory). What are your strengths and weaknesses?

2-What are some characteristics of great leaders? Identify two people who you feel possess these characteristics.

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//Leadership plays a crucial role in the Organizations and good leaders help in extracting a good amount of work from their sub-ordinates. In this paper, we have described about the various roles of a leader, strengths and weaknesses and some of the characteristics of a good leader.//

Application, Practice and Theory: Leadership


As a leader, I have learnt so many important concepts about management and how to get work done, realizing the objectives, inspiring group efforts and team work and getting cooperation and good attitude for accomplishment of predetermined target in the effective and efficient manner. Management-Application, Practice and theory helps in enhancing the leadership skills in the leaders. This course also gives the description about the role of the leader in the management. The various roles are given below:

Better utilization of manpower
Builds employee morale
Helps in coordination
Creates loyalty
Transforms the employee's potentiality into reality
Developing talents
Getting success in the business organization.
Strength and weakness


Influencing behavior
Good decision power
Foresight ness
Convincing power
Communication skills
Positive outlook and attitude
Self discipline

Low tolerance power for errors
Sometimes biased nature.
//Organizational effectiveness depends ...

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The response address the queries posted in 786 words with references.

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