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Importance of followership in leadership

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Why is followership important in the discussion of leadership?

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Followership is crucial to leadership as there will be no leader if there are no followers. It is important for a team to have a leader who gives them general direction and sets goals to achieve maximum efficiency. If the followers are not ...

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Importance of looking at followership when looking into leadership

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Followership Leadership Differences

Kindly assist with these 4 questions on follwership:
In order to have leadership, you must also have followership. There are, however, different views of what followership implies. Different forms of leadership require different characteristics in followers. Some leadership styles prefer that followers simply follow and do not desire any collaboration or input. Other leadership styles see followers as contributing team members and seek input from all individuals. As new models of leadership evolve that include collaboration or co-leadership, followership must also be examined.

1. Based on research, summarize the role of followership and its significance in the leadership process.
2. When followers have a participatory role, how does this impact goal setting and performance reviews?
3. Include any ethical issues in continuing to promote models of followership in your discussion.
4. How do globally dispersed work environments impact the roles of leaders and followers?

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