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    Followership Behaviors

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    How has the role of followers changed over the past decades? What would be 3 followership behaviors and how would you say these behaviors had led to effective or ineffective leadership within and organization?

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    How has the role of followers changed over the past decades?

    The role of followers has changed over the past decades in a number of ways. In the past, many believed that it meant for a person to be quiet and to obey whomever is above him or her. This meant doing what was asked and behaving in submission. However, currently, employers have high expectations on their employees rather than having them act as if they were a machine. This includes having a higher education to do the work effectively, changing careers, and that each person add value to the workplace. When a person feels comfortable in the workplace, they are likely to object to certain policies and ...

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    This solution discussed the role of followers had through the years, and the typical behaviors that work well or otherwise within an organizational setting.