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A Discussion on Followship Behaviours

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Please describe followership behaviors. Explain why followership behaviors can have a positive influence on group and organizational performance.

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Positive influences of followership:

1) Alleviate group tension and group challenges, inter-group competition, peacekeeping

Followers in short are positive influences for the group as they help conflict resolute. They are often the peacekeepers. For instance, when there are opposite opinions or goals, the follower will likely be the individual who will help negotiate a moderate position or compromise. A helpful follower is not one who is passive, but one that supports the leader. For example, the leader of the marketing committee is focused on the upcoming trade show. His team is formed and he gives his vision and objectives for the team. The team discusses the possible strategies and brainstorms the Ads they will use. A disagreement emerges between the leader and the Ad designer. The follower understands the leader's objective and perspective as well as the Ad ...

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Explanation of how followers are important to leaders and management teams.