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The Influence of Religion on Society

Explain how religion influences social relationships, moral attitudes, and moral behaviors, including cheating, substance abuse, sexuality, criminality, and domestic violence.

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As you have most likely studied in class, religion is a non-material part of culture. Its influence exists in nearly every society on the planet, and it does impact the areas you mention in this posting. This influence, however, differs great depending on the level of religiosity present in a region. Some areas of the world are largely absent of religion and, as a result, one could argue that religion plays a negligible role in influencing social relationships and morals. The Czech Republic would be an example. As one of the few predominately atheistic countries in the world, social order is more defined by societal values, as opposed to religious values. Some countries, on the other hand, are dominated by religion and, as such, religious ideals forms the very moral fabric of the country. Saudi Arabia would be an example of this, as it is an Islamic state and nearly everyone in the country adheres the Islamic teaching.

Most countries fall in the ...

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A brief discussion about the role that religion plays in the influencing of social relationship and moral behavior.