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    Religion and Social Change

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    From a conflict point of view, explain how religion could be used to bring about social change. Can you think of an example?

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    Explaining Social Change

    Social Change from a sociological perspective refers to the alteration/transformation of the nature of so Social Change is not the equivalent of social development although social development could be argued as an indicator of social change. Social change can also refer to an event or phenomenon that alters/transforms the behaviours/reactions or manner or a social group of shared values/identity; although subjectively it could also be argued to mean acts of advocacy that causes positive transformations/alterations in society. There are various theories that can explain social change. 6 are always debated or cited when explaining social change. From a religious point of view there is the theory of degeneration or social decline, when man falls from Grace --- a theory used by theologises. Evolutionary theories including Darwinism --- the survival of the fittest, argue that change happens because human evolution dictates it. Historical materialism, proposed by Karl Marx combines a thorough study of history, economics & society; an explanatory system that looks for causes of developments/change. The theory of social progress looking at history as linear and geared towards development, building on the progress of each generation. Social Cycles or ...

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