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Social Issues of Ancient Civilization

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Discuss the following questions:
- What forces contributed to the cultural makeup of early civilizations?
- What social issues arose because of this cultural makeup?
- What were the main cultural influences on early civilizations?
- Do you believe that revisionist history is a good thing or a bad thing? Explain your response.

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This essay will probably be organized with the following forces. You might explore geographical influence of climate, rivers, vegetation, and agricultural or metals in creating culture. Moreover, you might want to explore the social structure and the social values that arose out of each part of society i.e. Caste system, King system, and other religious structures. The mythological structure and the ideas that originated from the social shamanistic society and the shamanistic role in society. Joseph Campbell and Mircae Eliade both have books on cultural patterns and subconscious archetypes that arose out of ...

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This explains how to find out about the social and cultural makeup of early civilizations. 353 words with 3 references included.

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Cultural Makeup

Early Civilization

The term culture represents the shared values and beliefs of a group of people that develop over time and are passed from one generation to another. Culture can be seen in art, religious or spiritual beliefs, systems of laws, or the customs that comprise the way a group functions. Human culture, under this definition, dates back at least 30,000 years and probably much further. The Paleolithic (or Old Stone Age) cultures of Europe hunted wild game and gathered plants to sustain themselves, and their groups were small in number.

Initial Post: Write 100 words within the Discussion Board responding to the following questions. Create a substantive and clear post expressing your research, thoughts, and ideas:

Discuss the following questions with your peers:
•What forces contributed to cultural makeup?
•What social issues arose because of these cultural makeups?

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