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    The Emergence of Civilization: Egypt and the Near East

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    What events and changes prompted the Egyptian and Near Eastern people to initiate the first civilizations? How do you explain the development of civilizations in different places during the same period of time?

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    There were numerous factors that were involved in changing the lifestyle of Near Eastern and Egyptian peoples from the basic hunter-gatherer society to that of "civilization."

    First, though, it is interesting to note that most of the early civilizations developed around or between river systems:

    a. Indus Valley in the Indian Subcontinent
    b. Yellow River Valley in China
    c. Nile in Egypt
    d. Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Near East (modern Iraq)

    1. It is likely that the transition from hunter-gatherer to urban dwelling was a slow process and resulted from the domestication of both livestock and grains.

    2. Scholars believe that over time, family units became larger, harder to feed with the old method, ...

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    The solution discusses the events and human/social changes that led ancient Egypt and civilizations in the Near East - present day India and Mesopotamia that led to their establishment of Empires and the first human civilizations. A discussion is provided as to why at said periods, civilizations erupted on the face of this planet.