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Egyptian Civilization

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i have a project on the Egyptian theocracy that I would like to get started on. Could you help by providing me with a quick overview of Egyptian Civilization and background information for the following six questions?

- How was civilization developed in Egypt?
- How did egypt promote the idea of national unification?
- How did the egyptian pharaoh rule ?
- What was the purpose of preserving the pharaoh body, and those of others in egypt?
- Is mummification an acceptable practice today ?
- Is eternal life important to us today and to what extend ?

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How was civilization developed in Egypt?
Civilization developed in Egypt during when the hunter-gathers began living in the Nile Valley during the Middle Pleistocene period. Because of the regional climate was very hot and dry, the population of the area began to concentrate along the Nile River. The fertile soil and source of water gave them the perfect opportunity to develop a settled agricultural economy and this soon developed into a more centralized society known as Egypt.

How did Egypt promote the idea of national unification?
Before 3200 BC, Egypt was divided into two kingdoms: Upper and Lower Egypt, or Southern and Northern Egypt. In 3150 BC, King Narmer of Upper Egypt conquered Lower Egypt, and with this conquest, he became the king of the first dynasty of a unified Egypt. Because of this, Egypt became a large, powerful nation in control of most of the region. Narmer's institution of a strong central government put a ruler in command who became a strong central figure (later known s a pharaoh) and gave him the last say on all important matters concerning ...

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How Egyptian civilization was developed is determined. The expert examines the pharaoh rule and how the idea of national unification is promoted.