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History of Measurement in Non-Western Countries

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Describe the historical development of measurement and measurement systems in non-Western cultures.

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The history of measurement and measurement systems given begins in Indus Valley Civilization and goes on from that in 578 words with 1 reference provided.

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The history of measurement and measurement systems begins in Indus Valley Civilization dating back to the 5th millennium BCE. A complex syste of weights and measures was adopted by Maurya empire ( 322 - 185 BCE). Standard weights and measures have existed in the Indus Civilizaton for a while and the weights and measures of the Indus civilization have reached Persia and Central Asia where they were further modified. There were rulers that made from Ivory, which were use by the Indus Valley Civilization.

In the post Middle ages around 400 BCE- 1200 CE, India used the steelyard balances that were found in archaeological sites of Gandhara and Amravati. There were evidence of a complex system of weights and measures existing in use for multiple purposes under the control of the Maurya administration.

The early measurement for ...

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