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    The cultural centers of the western world seemed to move with the rise and fall of various cultures. The 19th century was the Age of Victoria, and thus London grew to be the cultural middle of the west. It held onto that title, even after the British Empire had started to fall apart. However, with the huge expansion of the US presence in world affairs following WWII, as emphasized by the locating of the UN Headquarters in NYC, New York found its role in the financial and cultural currents of the world equally expanded. Thus, you find major literary artists from Allen Ginsberg to Phillip Roth to John Updike located there; modern art seemed to move naturally into the environment; and the music scene, from classical (Bernstein) to cutting edge jazz (Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane) became the soundtrack of the era.explain

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    // While writing this paper, we will throw some light on the concept of cultural center followed by Western Culture and the shifting centers of the western world. The topic discusses the different phases, through which the culture surpassed; how the world events impacted the cultural transitions. //

    In times of history, there were certain places which were the locus of the art and culture activities of the era and in simple words can be considered as the "Cultural Hubs" or "Cultural centers" of the empires or civilizations. Those were the places where all art activities were carried out and promoted. If any country is bestowed with power and wealth, the other nations are in awe of the strength and ethnicity of that country and are influenced by the cultural patters followed there. The features of a cultural center which make it peculiar and distinct from each other are the unique mode of its culture, arts and art forms. Other than this, it can be comprehended that the position of such a center can be judged on the basis of its rich culture and this led to certain places having an advantage over the other due to different factors, one ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 736 words with references.