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    The Growth of African Civilization

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    The growth of African civilization was tied closely with slave trade. In ancient times, occupation specialization became important. African slave trade had three features.

    They were the following:

    1. Occupational specialization; mining and trade

    2. The growth of slavery within Africa

    3. The expansion of the slave trade.

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    The growth and development of ancient African civilization can be attributed to the occupation specialization. Much importance was given to various skills such as iron-working, pottery, mining, marketing activities etc. There was an abundant growth of mineral wealth in the thirteenth century. Alluvial mining was replaced by reef mining. During the 14th century, mining and fabrication became deep-rooted in the western Sudan, Northern Angola, Southern Zaire and Zambia. An increased number of cattle provided the potential ...

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    The growth of African civilization was closely associated with the slave trade. Occupational specialization and trade led to voluntary and involuntary servitude. This evil practice spread to different parts of Africa and abroad.

    The growth and development of ancient African civilization can be attributed to the occupational specialization. Mineral wealth and abundant cattle acted as a catalyst to the opening of trade within different parts of Africa. Along the trade came the evil practice of domestic slavery and servitude. Only the Muslim world had contact with Africa before 1450, and they had conducted the slave trade.From the 12th century onwards, their profitable slave trade increased to a great extent. Slave trade became the basic characteristic of Africa between 1300-1500. Slaves were carried off to different parts of Africa, Arabia and even India even before the era of Atlantic slave trade