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European Imperialism and the Great War

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I need help. There were serveral questions from the chapters that I had to do, but I am running into some problems understand and answering these questions. Any help would be great in understanding them.
These questions are from the book, " Civilization in the West" 7th edition volume C

Chapter 25 Europe and the World 1870-1914

1. How and why did European imperialism differ in Africa and Asia?

Chapter 26 War and Revolution 1914-1920

2. How and why did the Great War differ so much from the expectations of both the generals and the majorityof Europeans?

This is from the book," Sources of the West Reading in Western Civilzation"
By Mark A Kishlansky. editor
You will need to find this excerp on line to answer these questions
V.I Lenin
What is to be Done? (1902)
1. What is Lenin's view of dissent? How closely must people adhere to socialist thoughts?
2. Why does Lenin reject trade unionism for the working class?

thankyou in advance

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Answer #1. European imperialism in Asia was in regards to trade. Europeans wanted to trade goods with Asia. The "Open Door Policy", was established with China during the Imperalist movement so that it was clearly understood that European nations were allowed to trade with China. China had a very well defined government that was relatable and respected by European nations. European nations did not feel threatened by the civilization of Asia.

European imperialism in Africa was in regards to occupation and colonization. European imperialism promoted occupation, invasion and the attack of soverign African territory. This form of imperialism was fueled by eugenics and racism. The "Race for Africa" or "Scramble for Africa" ...

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