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Imperialism and Colonialism in the Middle East

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Resource Sharing Assignment
Throughout this course, you will be working with your classmates to compile a shared collection of resources that may be helpful for the Final Project, as well as throughout the course. Together, you will compile resources for five different topics. Each topic has its own discussion forum under the Resource Sharing Assignment tab in the left navigation toolbar. The topics are:
Cold War and decolonization
Search the databases within the Ashford University Library for a scholarly source that addresses one of the five topics (dictionaries, encyclopedias, and websites are not scholarly sources). Then, in the corresponding discussion forum, post the APA citation for that topic, followed by an annotation which summarizes the source, explaining how it is useful to scholars researching that topic. Make sure to post a resource that has not already been shared. If someone has already shared a resource that you have found, go back to the library to find a new resource. Each week, you will address a different topic. You can choose the order in which you research topics; however, by the end of the course you must have posted a resource for each of the five topics.
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Kieh Jr., George Klay Western imperialism in the Middle East: The case of the United States' military: Arab Studies Quarterly, 02713519, Winter92, Vol. 14, Issue 1 Retrieved from Ebscohost database

The author explains the history of European imperialism and colonialism in the Middle East. In addition, the author expands upon the United States, the world's current superpower use of imperialism to further its resources and political agenda in the Middle East. The author eloquently highlights how the ...

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