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    Imperialism/Colonialism (Africa/India/U.S.)

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    Discuss the effect of imperialism and/or colonialism on the African continent and the reactions from the indigenous population.

    Compare the American Revolution and Indian Independence Movement as violent and non-violent revolutions respectively. Did they succeed in their goals?

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    The rise of Imperialism in Africa was predicated by the European Empires and their desires to control the minerals and untapped resources throughout Africa such as gold, diamonds, and other precious minerals. The British Empire was one of the leading transgressors in their attempt at establishing colonies throughout Africa for strategic and financial purposes although the French, Belgium, and other European countries also colonized through imperialism many African countries to the effect of these European Imperialists taking control of a country in Africa simply to not let a rival European country take it. Quite often the chiefs of tribes would enter deals with companies from a European country wherein once they signed away their land and rights quite often not being cognizant of what they were signing, these companies would then request protection from whichever European government they were affiliated with. Therein, resulting in the European country colonizing the country, to protect its economic interests from a rival European Imperialist empire. The gist of this summary is that the history of colonialism in Africa began in the mid-19th century and ...

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    Discusses imperialism and colonialism in Africa, India, and U.S. during the early 19th century.