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Critique of article: Historical view of African American social status.

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I would like help to critique this article on African American history and its effect on their status today. Please discuss the message being conveyed, a brief conclusion and what you have learned from the article. About one double spaced page would give me a great start.

See the attached file.

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The solution critiques and draws conclusions on an article about African American history and its effect on their status today. Please view the attachment to see the original article. This solution has 310 words.

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Thank you for your question. It is apparent from the above article that the author tries to draw some conclusions about African Americans' sociological status today in the U.S., using historical sources. Although his historical analysis is to a great extent accurate, when drawing connections with today's inequalities he sometimes falls into generalizations.

In particular, the author's central contention is that African Americans carry a long and strong history, the foundations of which are ...

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