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Cultural Influence by the Classical Greats

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How does each individual culture (ancient Greece, Rome, China, and India) reflect cultural and world development today?
How do these cultures relate to the development in the humanities?

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Influences: Cultural, World and Humanities Development

Ancient Greece
Greece's influence is extensive. Greece is known for its contributions to philosophy, and by extension any area that philosophy touched, such as war, peace, education, perception, entertainment (plays, for example), music, and even government. It is also known influential as regards its civil structure, political experimentation, and architecture. In more detail, the Greeks' ability to manage several separate styles of government and citizenship effectively in its history has formed many models for handling current issues such as national, state, local, and even collegiate government structures.

Ancient Rome
Like Greece, Rome's ancient ...

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Four of the world's greatest ancient civilizations are briefly noted for their general influence on modern facets of culture and humanities.

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