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Greco-Roman Influence

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Please provide ideas and opinions on the following questions:

What outside influences may have contributed to either the growth or decline of the Greek and Roman cultures?
What influences did classical Greek philosophy have on later cultures? What influence does classical Greek philosophy have in the modern world?
What influences of Roman law and culture are evident in the modern world?
What influences do Greco-Roman philosophy, art, and culture have on the modern world? How did the Greek and Roman cultures influence later societies in terms of the arts, technology, and government?


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I hope these reflections help you form your own coherent response.

What outside influences may have contributed to either the growth or decline of the Greek and Roman cultures?

While most of the influences to the growth and decline of both cultures were internal, there are still many outside influences that could be named, although even then those influences differ between the two cultures. For both, education was huge for growth; also, independent rule of territories helped stabilize the cultures (Greeks had a polis system, Rome instituted local governors). Decline was fostered externally for Greece by competition with the Persians, while for the most part Rome's biggest external issue was simply growing too large to ...

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The major influences stemming from Greco-Roman antiquity are described in brief according to specific questions posited for reflection.

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