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    Philosophy of Leadership

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    Philosophy of Leadership
    Leadership Definition
    Provide your definition of leadership and what has influenced this definition. Your definition must be original but supported by the work of others. Support your analysis with two (2) or more scholarly sources including one (1) journal article.
    Leadership Theories
    Discuss three (3) major leadership theories that have most influenced your thinking on leadership and leaders. In your leadership challenge paper, you discussed classical leadership theories. In this paper, consider including the contemporary approaches of Authentic, Servant and/or Transformational Leadership. Select at least two theories or models that you haven't already written about in week 5 for your final paper. Define and describe the components of the selected theories using four (4) or more scholarly sources including three (3) journal articles.
    Leadership Style
    Drawing on 3 or more self-assessments in this course, analyze your personal style and strengths as a leader. Assess your effectiveness against the leadership approaches that most influenced you as described in the above section; and compare your qualities and characteristics to those of effective leaders. Support your analysis with two (2) or more scholarly sources including one (1) journal article.
    Discuss what effective followership is and why it is an important component of leadership. How can you enhance your effectiveness as a follower and encourage it in others? Support your analysis with one (1) or more scholarly sources.
    Reflective Analysis
    In two - three pages, reflect on three (3) key leadership lessons you have learned from this course. What has influenced you the most and has been of the most value to you)? Describe one specific action you will take to enhance your leadership effectiveness.

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    I have prepared from your assignment some beginning thoughts to help guide you. You can add to and modify as you need. I have included some references, though you may prefer to find others. Please use the references to find further references using their reference sections. This may help you better focus the paper when you prepare a review of the literature. I also included some quotes to help you see how they might fit into the text. If you have any questions or need any further help, please ask.

    Philosophy of Leadership
    Leadership Definition

    Leadership is the ability to influence others to help, follow, accomplish and provide support for a common goal. This is done through persuasion, commitment, coercion, or other methods dependent on the style or personality of the person leading and the person following. There are many types of personalities that make up the leader. The same is true of personal and leadership styles. "...if one looks into the literature on leadership, and there's plenty of it to look into these days, one will find a plethora of traits, or personal characteristics, that the author feels that a leader should have." (Low, 2010).

    Leaders are seen as those who carry the vision and the energy to help others see and accept the needs of the organization or cause. They lead by example and provide other sources to consolidate their power and therefore their authority to lead. "People classified as leaders may be said to possess high energy levels, commitment to some cause or purpose, responsibility, and credibility." (Smolenyak, Majumdar, 1992)

    Leadership Theories

    Participative leadership involves others. It allows for the input of those ...

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    This solution provides an outline, as per the assignment, of leadership, focusing on specific leadership styles, followership, and what leadership is. References used are included.