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Leadership and Philosophy

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1. You have been selected to take command of a unit with a mission similar to the one you are currently in. You are in a meeting with the Commander and he makes the following statement: Tell me what your leadership philosophy is for this organization? How did you come to that philosophy? What traits and leadership characteristics do you think are important for a leader to possess, and how do those apply to your leadership philosophy and success of the organization? For the second question use theories, principles, and concepts from the self-paced Leadership and Command course to support your position.
2. Conduct an interview with your squadron Commander or civilian equivalent about their most challenging leadership/command issue and how they resolved it or how they have dealt with it if it was not resolved. What influenced their decision making process, what skills/competencies did they use to resolve or address it, what best prepared them to deal with the situation, and what was the outcome (personally/organizationally)? Were there any decision they would change? Did they take criticism for any of the decisions they made, and how has that affected their professional development at their unit? What resources did they use?

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1. I would propose a visionary leadership style for the organization that is predicated upon strong leadership by example as well as clear and concise goals and objectives that will enable employees to accomplish tasks for the organization. This is the most appropriate leadership style for change in an organization, therefore, the new commander of this unit should bring a change style of leadership that can ensure that employees accommodate to his or her leadership. This requires someone with vision, strength, and ethics that can elicit commitment from employees to their style of leadership. The necessary traits and leadership characteristics that must be possessed ...

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This solution discusses traits and leadership philosophies for an organization and challenges in leadership/command.

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Dear OTA, I would like to ask your assistance in leadership types (autocratic, democratic & laissez-faire). I want to add about 4 pages to my report answering the following problems, with subtitles for me to follow along, any in text citations and references the problems I am addressing are:

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Thank you so much. Please advise if you can assist.

3. Analyze which style of leadership comes easiest for you and provided at least three specific activities you can use to improve your leadership effectiveness.

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