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Self-Evaluation: Your Leadership Philosophy

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Kindly assist with the following questions:

1. What is the role of leadership within your organization (or one that I know well)? (Give examples of excellent leadership and poor leadership and explain what makes them so).

2. What is your personal philosophy about what it means to be a leader, and how did that philosophy evolve?

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The role of leadership in my organization is to motivate individuals within my organization to give 100% in the accomplishment of organizational objectives, which includes ensuring that the professors within the university provide the students with a first class learning experience. In accomplishing this, the leadership within this organization set a good example for the professors to follow by always being the first individuals at work, and the last to leave in most cases. In addition, the leadership within this organization always conduct themselves with professionalism and good ethics, and always seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the University. The role of leadership within this organization is also to make this university a shining example of excellence and outstanding performance in order to attract the brightest students from across the country, as well as to attract philanthropic organizations for donations that will help to ...

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Discussion Questions
1. Rank these individuals from highest to lowest in terms of:
â-  Emotional intelligence
â-  Values maturity
â-  Tolerance of ambiguityhttp://www.brainmass.com/student/problem.php
â-  Core self-evaluation Justify your evaluations in a discussion with your colleagues and compare your
2. What is your prediction about the dominant learning styles of each of these individuals? What data do you use as evidence?
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â-  Cognitive styles
â-  Values orientations
â-  Orientation toward change
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Which one of these people would you hire if you wanted a CEO for your company? Why?
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