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    Leadership Philosophy Paper

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    Background. As a self-aware, adaptive leader, it is important to reflect on what you believe and why. A written leadership philosophy allows us to do this. A leadership philosophy will include a service direct-level leader, core values, knowledge, training, and experiences of leadership philosophy at an organizational-level (how leadership philosophy changes and evolves at the military organizational level)

    a. Writing a leadership philosophy: Personal beliefs, values, priorities, and expectations of our self and others.
    b. Please cite (4) sources.
    c. Reference:
    Pape, Jason (2009) Reassessing army leadership in the 21 century. Military Review, January-February:
    ST 22-2 Leader Communication (June 2012)

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    As a leader one of my core personal beliefs is in advancing the cause of justice despite the odds that I must face in pursuing this cause. It is my belief that a leader is an individual that advances the cause of justice and equity for all of those that he or she encounters. A leader in essence should dedicate his or her life to advancing the cause of justice and equity for those that are not strong enough to fight for this cause on their own. I also hold the belief that it is pertinent that leaders be proactive individuals at the forefront of fighting for what is right and just for their nation, as well as advocating the cause of righteousness and freedom throughout the world. I hold the belief that true leadership involves being an example of doing what is right as well as seeking excellence in all of your endeavors. I Also hold the belief that only those individuals that are dedicated to giving 100% in the pursuit of justice and excellence are qualified to hold leadership positions within the military or any other organizations.

    As a leader one of the key ...