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Evo Morales

Create an original post where you discuss Evo Morales as a non-Western leader. How does his background as a poor farmer differ from the backgrounds of most Western leaders? How has that influenced his perspective and change agenda? What is his philosophy for political leadership? Has he been successful?

Another angle to consider this is -- how might his background have influenced his use of certain frames (Bolman & Deal's frames)? Based on the video and your understanding of his philosophy, which frame(s) do(es) he identify with the most? Don't feel as if you have to answer all of these questions, they are simply posed here to stimulate discussion.

The video can be found at: http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jhtml?videoId=103275&title=president-evo-morales

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Evo Morales background as a poor farmer differs substantially from the backgrounds of most Western leaders. Evo Morales not only was a poor farmer, but he was without a high school education or a formal university education. Many (if not all) or our Western leaders have been highly privileged individuals with the money, networking and education to help elect them into office. Their campaigns have focused more ...

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This paper discusses Evo Morales as a non-Western leader and how his background influenced his life.