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How to Set Up Dihybrid and Sex-Linked Crosses (Punnett)

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How to set up the crosses... I know you take the genotype and set them up in a box but where specifically do the traits go? On a sex link trait question I know that the Y chromosome has nothing to mask it because it is shorter than the X chromosome so do you just leave that genotype off the cross?

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The expert determines how to set up Dyhybrid and sex-lined crosses using Punnett squares.

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I am attaching a file with an example of a dihybrid cross and one of a sex-linked trait cross. For the dihybrid cross, you first need to figure out what combinations of alleles you can have in one individual. For example, an individual who is AaBb can have AB, Ab, aB and ab. Those go on top. Similarly, the combinations for the other individual go on ...

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