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    Functional Behavior Assessment Articles

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    1. Take a look at the following article from the Kaplan Library where a functional behavioral assessment was conducted:
    Alter, P.J., Conroy, M.A., Mancil, G.R., & Haydon, T. (2008) A comparison of functional behavior assessment methodologies with young children: Descriptive methods and functional analysis. Journal of Behavioral Education, 17, 200-219.
    Describe and identify the specific assessment measures that were used in the study. Why were these particular assessment measures used in the study you selected? Describe the findings of the functional behavioral analysis. What specific assessment measures could you add or remove? Why?

    2. Take a look at the following article from the Kaplan Library that evaluates an indirect method of assessment:
    Caregivers' Agreement and Validity of Indirect Functional Analysis: A Cross Cultural Evaluation Across Multiple Problem Behavior Topographies; Viues-Ortega et al., J Autism Dev Disord (2011) 41:82-91
    Discuss the pros and cons of the measure in terms of accuracy and reliability. Select another type of indirect method (structured interview, checklists, rating scale, questionnaire, etc.) and discuss for what purpose that assessment could be used.

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    As always, it is my pleasure to assist you today with some notes related to a few aspects of assessment methodologies. By way of reminder, I am a professor in the state of Arizona.

    The study by Conroy and Haydon aims to develop a comparison between different types of functional behavior assessments that can be used with young children. To do this, the authors actually several different types of both indirect and direct assessment instruments that have been tested for their reliability and validity. In total, three different descriptive assessments were used, and this provided a great deal of information that could lead to techniques and strategies designed to help young children that are perceived to be at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders. In the end, the assessments provided mixed results, ...

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    This solution of 523 words analyzes a series of articles and identifies the specific assessment measures used in the study as well as accuracy and validity analysis.