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    Research design: quantitative vs. qualitative

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    - Do you see more qualitative or quantitative approaches used?
    - Why do you think some psychologists are more comfortable with conducting studies using quantitative data instead of qualitative data?
    - What would be an advantage to using qualitative data along with quantitative data?
    Find three peer-reviewed articles (one that has used a quantitative approach, one that has used a qualitative approach, and one that has incorporated both approaches.) Summarize these three articles.
    - What methods of data collection were used in these articles?
    - What makes these methods quantitative or qualitative in nature?

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    1. In the history of psychology and scientific method, there were more quantitative approaches used. However, there is a current trend to use more qualitative approaches in psychological research such as case studies or ethnography. Though they may not illustrate causation nor have the same scientific rigor or power, qualitative approaches have contributed to research in significant and useful ways to illuminate an event, phenomena in a deep manner that allows for deeper more accurate understanding of the issue/phenomena/event. They offer individual nuances, discover hidden factors and broadens and deepened understanding rather than a general, superficial snapshot.

    2. Some psychologists are more comfortable in conducting studies using quantitative data instead of qualitative data because:
    i) they were only trained in quantitative research- past generations had little training in qualitative approaches- often a small unit of their coursework.
    ii) Past research emphasized quantitative data/research results and thus some psychologists have a bias towards this approach
    iii) ...

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