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Qualitative vs Quantitative Research & Scientific Merit

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2. Please specify the distinction between examining a qualitative report and a quantitative report. Provide support from the literature for your definitions and distinctions.

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Qualitative and quantitative research both have scientific merit.
Creswell (2009) explains the difference between qualitative and quantitative research is the use of words (qualitative) rather using numbers (quantitative). In both cases it is crucial to accurately define the problem and methodology. Some issues lend themselves more to one type of research, over the other. Qualitative research methods would be more appropriate in the event one wished to describe a "particular case/group/situation/context" (LSE Media and Communications, 2010). Qualitative research typically entails exploring and understanding the meaning individuals or groups associate to a social or human problem. It is more often done earlier when considering the problem or subject, as an exploration. The research usually involves collecting information through questions and procedures and looking for meaning, within a more flexible structure. In contrast, quantitative research is more appropriate when one is utilizing "comparable, generalizable data" (LSE Media and ...

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This solution discusses which is better based on scientific merit, qualitative or quantitative research. It provides distinctions between the two, along with a helpful link and APA formatted references.

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