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Qualitative or Quantitative Research Methods, Or Both

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Briefly contrast qualitative and quantitative research methods. When is each method most effectively used to explore specific types of research questions? Is one method more scientific than the other? Why or why not? [Response to be at least 300 words with in-text citations and references given. Reference should be excluded from word count.] This is a self-made question and not a homework school assignment.

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Let me give you a few academic sources first:
This first one is excellent because it is a simple list:


The main distinction between the two forms of research is based upon the concept of "operationalization." Operationalization is the process of taking a concept or phenomenon and turning it into a number -- something easily measured (Johnson and Christensen, 2008). The more operationalizable the data, the better suited it is for quantitative research. Yet, data revolving around such concepts as alienation, freedom, normative issues or virtues are very difficult to turn into easily measurable data. Such data is better suited to qualitative research and description.

The basic point is that the method of research and ...

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The expert examines qualitative or quantitative research methods.

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