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    Qualitative Versus Quantitative Research Methods

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    Write a report about the difference between qualitative and quantitative research methods related to your area of study ( Most about Academic writing).

    All I need is 1- 2 pages, (Word Document)
    Be sure to use academic references and cite to support your analysis.

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    Qualitative research has several defining characteristics. These include 1) natural setting- where the researcher can gather data in the field where participants experience the issue or problem being studied. Researchers do not take participants out of their environment, like bringing them to a lab. 2) Researcher is the key instrument- the researcher collects data by examining documentation, observing behaviors, or interviewing participants. Researchers typically do not rely on questionnaires or instruments developed by other researchers. 3) Interpretive- based on qualitative results a researcher will make an interpretation of what they see, hear, and understand. Qualitative researchers seek to answer research questions related to "how" and "why". Their interpretations cannot be bias based on their own experiences, backgrounds, contexts, and prior understandings (Creswell, 2012). There are various methods of analysis or instruments used to collect and analyze data. In a qualitative study the researcher can use methods of observation, in-depth interviews, review of archives, ...

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    The various research methods including qualitative and quantitative methods serve different purposes based on the proposed research questions and what the researcher is seeking to identify.