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    Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research Methods: Pros & Cons

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    What are your thoughts around quantitative vs. qualitative research methods? List pros and cons for each one?

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    Creswell (2009) offers that the distinction between qualitative and quantitative research is framed in terms of using words (qualitative) rather using numbers (quantitative). There are differences in research methods, in that qualitative research involves exploring and understanding the meaning individuals or groups associate to a social or human problem. The research usually involves collecting information through questions and procedures and looking for meaning, within a more flexible structure. The researcher and participant are unable to remain independent of each other in qualitative research, as compared to quantitative research. Quantitative research involves testing theories by trying to understand the relationship between variables. The variables are most often measurable and analyzed ...

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    This solution discusses the benefits and disadvantages of quantitative vs. qualitative research methods. Includes APA formatted references.