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    Quantitative vs Qualitative

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    This response gives the pros and cons of both types of research as well as which would be the best choice to use in different situations.

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    When it comes to gathering data both qualitative and quantitative are great ways to do so. Both are useful in different specific situations. In a classroom situation both can be sued in their own way to gather data about the students needs. Some of the needs may be based on numbers such as percentage of students who pass or fail, this would be directly related to quantitative studies, and some research is based on information obtained from the student such as what does the student know about a certain subject, this information is directly related to qualitative studies.
    When determining which type of data to use it is very important to know your subjects, and the question that you need answered. Sometimes this is obvious, for example, if you wanted to know what percentage of students passed the reading portion of a standardized test, you automatically know that quantitative studies will be needed because this information will give the results in numbers. If you want to know what kind of background knowledge your children may have on a ...