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    Marketing research facets

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    I have been on many marketing research teams but there is one area of research Ihave not done a lot of and would like some perspective on to understand it;

    Data Mining

    What are its Pros/Cons?

    Is this method geared to produce quantitative or qualitative results?

    What options does this research method offer to reach the target sample?

    Which area or areas of research would this method be best suited - exploratory, descriptive or causal research?

    Briefly describe an example of how this research method could be or is used within an organization.

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    What are its Pros/Cons?
    - Pros: it is a quick way to collect data. It is also an economical way to get your data, all you have to do is purchase the database/articles.
    - Cons: The data was tailored for someone else's research, so it might not be 100% what you are looking for. As well, since you are not actually able to conduct the experiment yourself to obtain the data, you have to trust the integrity of the study, and that the researcher used proper procedures to collect the data.

    Is this method geared to produce quantitative or qualitative results?
    - I would say it is best for quantitative data. The problem with qualitative data is that it is rich and descriptive in nature. Essentially the first research looked at the data, ...

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    Marketing research facets are examined.