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Customers have relationships with brands?

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This question involves thinking about the meaning that brands have for consumers, the roles brands play, and the views customers have of brands developed through marketing and non-marketing influences.

Write a paper addressing the following question:

In her 1998 paper, Susan Fournier argues that customers have relationships with brands.

The solution must:

1. Explain what Fournier means by "having a relationship" with a brand.

2. Using the following brands, explain whether or not you believe that customers have relationships with them.

Brand 1: Safeway Supermarkets
Brand 2: Black and Decker power tools

3. Close the solution by explaining whether, based on Fournier's paper, your own experience and your knowledge of other people, customers have relationships with all brands.

Solution expectations:

-APA Format
-Double Spaced
-Double checked for plagiarism
-Identify any references

Fournier's article can be located here:


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Solution Summary

Whether customers have relationships with brands is discussed. Safeway Supermarkets and Black and Decker power tools is analyzed to see whether the customers have relationships with them. References are provided.

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Fournier developed the term Brand Relation Quality (BRQ) to explain the relationship between brand and people and how such relationships are maintained over time and at high levels of intensity. There are seven facets of BRQ namely nostalgic attachment, self-concept connection, intimacy, personal commitment, interdependency, love/passion, brand-partner quality. Fournier argued that people have relationships with the brand based on these seven facets. These factors are:

1. Love and Passion: Consumer feels love and affection for the product and feels disheartened when the product is not available.
2. Self-concept connection: using a brand helps consumer address a life issue such as growing old and need to feel belonged.
3. Interdependence: The brand is an intricate part of consumer's life.
4. Commitment: Consumer stays with the product in any situation
5. Intimacy: Consumer displays a deep sense of familiarity with the product and its attributes.
6. Partner Quality: Consumer looks for same qualities as he or she would look in a partner-dependability, trust, worthiness, and accountability.
7. Nostalgic Attachment: Brand brought back memories either because it was used at an earlier stage in life or because it was associated with loved ones.

The BRQ is positively related with
- The intention to use the brand in the future
- More reluctance to brand switching after dealing with complaints
- A more favorable ...

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