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    Ethical issues- communication project

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    Your clients may reside anywhere in the world. You may have met them personally, or you may know them only through e-mail and telephone communication. The clients may be entrepreneurs whose businesses may not yet need permanent staff, or they may be established small or large businesses that need temporary help with a special project or during peak work periods. The fees virtual assistants charge vary by region and task, for this activity, use a base rate of $40 per hour.

    " For the purpose of this assignment, the assignment task will relate to running your business and performing communication-related projects for your clients".

    Question #5

    A client asked you to gather information and draft the text of a ten-minute speech about leadership. You completed the task and e-mailed the text to him for revising and editing. You have just received his reply and are concerned about what you see. All the references you included (e.g., "As Jack Welch said...) were deleted but the quotes and secondary information remained. Decide how to handle this ethical dilemma and prepare the text of the email you will send your client. Remember, if you say nothing, your ethics could be questioned.

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