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Completing a Marketing Campaign

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You have a meeting next week with the Sales and Marketing director to determine the marketing people that will be on your project team. They will focus on completing the marketing campaign deliverables (advertising, customer newsletter, trade show) to prepare for the upgraded product launch. In preparation for the meeting, you are writing up job descriptions for the key roles you need filled.

Based on your understanding of the marketing deliverables and typical roles, go to the discussion board and list the marketing-related roles you need filled. Also describe one of the marketing roles in more detail. Craft a high-level job description that identifies the activities that will be completed, the skills required, and the level of supervision needed. Finally, explain the ethical and legal expectations and standards both of the product and marketing personnel assigned to this project

- Analyze various organizational systems and determine how to integrate project management processes into various existing corporate structures.
- Create a project plan (based upon the core planning processes) focused on customer needs and which effectively balances project and organizational objectives with stakeholder satisfaction and which addresses the nine project management processes areas.
- Recognize situations that present potential ethical and legal issues and develop solutions for those issues.

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The response addresses the query is posted in 866 words with references

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The response addresses the query is posted in 866 words with references
//In the current era, the importance of marketing has emerged with the increase in competition and customer demands. Organizations are coming up with new projects and plans and launch new projects. Thus, launching of these project plans include huge activities and coordination. In this context, the section highlights the different people involved in launching a marketing campaign. This section also explains a detailed role of an advertiser.//

Different marketing people that are involved in a marketing campaign are a marketing manager, advertiser and promoter. The work of the marketing manager is to frame strategies and plans for the overall promotion of the campaign (Haugan, 2002). An advertiser gives the information of campaign through different sources like television, newspaper, etc., while a promoter makes plans to promote the campaign at each level. The role of an advertiser can be studied in detail to understand work and skills of an advertiser. An advertiser plays an important role in promoting marketing campaigns. An advertiser is the one who makes public announcements and advertises products and services to general public.

An advertiser is responsible to seek the attention of people towards campaigns (Haugan, 2002). The activities done by an advertiser include giving ads in newspaper, magazine, television, internet, etc., making public announcements, and maintaining relationship with clients, taking decisions regarding advertisements, selecting appropriate ...

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