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Public Relations Campaign for any Organization

Please help with ideas for writing a public relations campaign for any organization of your choosing please include the publics you may target, messages you may consider disseminating, communication channels you will use, etc.

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This agency will focus on the strategies that are in the best interest of weekend athletes everywhere. Today's athlete has a full-time job and is looking for comfort and affordability - and in today's economy, this could be quite a challenge.

We will conduct our research through focus groups.

The primary focus will be on working adults. Why? This demographic will have the resources to purchase our products.
Social media will play a vital role in rapidly gaining popularity. This strategy is vital to this campaign. Today's consumer is savvy and is up-to-date on today's products. Facebook and twitter are no-cost advertising avenues that will advise, enhance and improve the customer knowledge of our product.

The name of the produce is - "Roos - the athletes running shoe"

Situation Analysis

After completing and analyzing the research, we can conclude Roos is a company that is committed and ...

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The solution suggests ideas for writing a public relations campaign for an organization.